Sobbhana Japan

     Sobbhana Japan is a NPO that is promoting educational support for Cambodian economically disadvantaged girls, restoration of traditional silk weaving for women's independence, and recently promoting the establishment of "Beauty Training School" for the independence of young women.


     Together with Sobbhana in Cambodia which is run by H.R.H. Princess Marie, we have already accomplished to support more than 60 young girl's elementary educations in Japanese Net Work. Also, we have accomplished to bring back the beautiful Cambodian silk by training the young women how to weave. This have not only helped the girls to earn but also supported continuation of traditions.

NOW, we would like to extend our support to open a beauty training school for the Cambodian youth. This will be a great opportunity for the young women to have a marketable skill to earn by themselves. 

We need your support!!

Insight of the Beauty Training School Project


Since SOBBHANA does not have a space to open a school, we plan to remodel a part of the "FLOW Future Light Orphanage of Worldmate" facility that has been supporting the girls in addition to SOBBHANA for nearly 10 years.


Place: "FLOW Future Light Orphanage of Worldmate" facility

Target: Economically challenging young women

Term: 2 semesters per year (6 months training * 15 people), 30 students per year

Budget: About 7million yen (5 million yen for the startup fee, mainly for the Japanese trainer)  

Schedule: 1. Starting Cloud Funding: January 2017

                2. Opening of School: October 2017   



Please contact us, if you are interested in supporting us. (

(image of the school)